Cedar River Contracting

Sister company for Saranac Modular Homes
John and Laura Fedorowicz are building a top-quality reputation. After 40 years as a project manager in the construction industry, John has had the opportunity to work with many large companies throughout the U.S. on very complex projects. With many years of knowledge, John made the decision to start his own business in his favorite part of the world, his own backyard of upstate New York. John oversees all of Saranac Modular Homes’ construction from start to finish. He takes pride in our homes and customer satisfaction.

Cedar River Contracting offers a variety of services including:
• project management
• site development
• storm water systems
• drainage work
• land clearing and grading
• ponds
• demolition
• construction
• heating systems
• electrical
• plumbing

Gallery of Contracting Work